3 weeks ago

Whippet Club of BC

Save the dates: Our Fall CKC Agility Trials will be October 4-6, 2024 in Kelowna. Judges Sandi Maday (onsite) and Wendy Beard (designing 1/2 of the courses). All breeds and mixed breed dogs welcome with appropriate CKC identification numbers. Having a second judge designing courses allows you to earn Qs under both judges even though you'll just see Sandi's smiling face in the ring 🤩

Dates and judges have been approved by the CKC. We're offering all levels of: 4 x Standard, 4 x Jumpers with Weaves, 3 x Points and Distance, 2 x Steeplechase, 2 x Jumps and Tunnels. Come and get your Top Dog points and/or finish some titles with a fun and welcoming club! 😆
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1 month ago

Whippet Club of BC

Our 2024 Spring Lure Coursing Trials and Field Trial Conformation Show were a success! The field remained in good condition and the hounds really gave it their all despite the sweltering heat. Our judges and volunteers might've felt like they were melting (or getting crispy), but they stuck it out! Thank you to everyone who made the trip to Lumby.

Always so many people to thank:
❤️ Judges Ken Cook, Miriam Woestenburg, and Susan Quesnel
❤️ Ed for lure operating (with assistance from Bert plus Richard and Guy stepping in throughout the weekend to help with singles and puppies)
❤️ Teri, Deb, and Hildi for donating your weekend to be field clerks and assisting the trial secretary. None of these three even have sighthounds! (Yet?) 👀
❤️ Ivy for all of the day-of trial secretary support so I (Aaryn) could run my dog, tend to the many other things that needed attention throughout the weekend, and still take some breaks!
❤️ The Berlin family for always being such a big supporter of our club and providing that AMAZING jam sale
❤️ David, Emma, and Maya for surviving the dust, running the restringing quad, and keeping us moving at such a great pace
❤️ Darlene at Timber Ridge Trails for the glorious field and hospitality

+ THANK YOU to the many other participants who stepped up to be mentored, help get scores up on the boards, fill the role of huntsmaster or paddock master, take photos* so we'll have mementos, and more! We couldn't do it without you.

*I'll be sure to share photo information when I receive it! Stay tuned! If any participants/guests have photos you want to contribute, please feel free to share in the comments.
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2 months ago

Whippet Club of BC

Our 2024 Spring CKC Agility weekend is a wrap! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of our volunteers. Anyone who has participated in one of our events knows we have a small but mighty group of volunteers--yet we keep seeing more participants really stepping up to lighten the load. We are so grateful for your help!

The winners of our volunteer draws were:
❤️ Friday: Brenda Newlove
❤️ Saturday: Karen Banman
❤️ Sunday: Carson & Shona

⭐️ Brigitte's Judge's Choice Award went to: Karen & Froster
⭐️ Kiersten's Judge's Choice Award went to: Shanelle & Catchya Later

It takes each and every volunteer seat to be full to keep things moving smoothly. I can't thank every person here, but some special shout outs:

🐾 Trial Secretary Anne doesn't just get your results processed in record time, there's also a ton of work needed pre- and post-trial to ensure everything is by the book and your Qs actually count!

🐾 Volunteer Wrangler (and more!) Sarah for keeping us organized and motivated to fill every position

🐾 Our in-person judges for this weekend, Brigitte and Kiersten, who spent LONG days on their feet

🐾 Billie who designed courses from afar

🐾 Erin our Head Course Builder, who also helps to manage our equipment (including shiny new things, and the things when they are less shiny) beyond the trials

🐾 Heather, Bethany, Teri, and Lynne who are usually some of the first people to show up and last to leave, always filling in as needed

Looking forward to seeing you all again in the Fall! Up next... Lure Coursing 😅
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