In Action

What can whippets do? In addition to conformation (showing), whippets often excel at activities designed for sighthounds, such as lure coursing and racing, but many are also successful at sports such as agility, flyball, and more!

You can learn more about the many sports that whippets can compete in by visiting the Canadian Kennel Club’s Overview of Events Page. Not the competitive type? No problem! Taking classes with your whippet is a great way to exercise his mind and body while also strengthening your bond, socializing your dog, and meeting new people!

Want to see some whippets in action? Check out the following videos.

(Please note that the Whippet Club of British Columbia does not own the following videos, nor do they necessarily endorse any breeder, trainer, or club depicted in the videos. Videos are for entertainment purposes only.)

Lure Coursing





Dock Diving