The Whippet Club of British Columbia, Canada and was formed to promote the whippet breed. The WCOBC provides information, resources, and events for whippet enthusiasts and the general community.

NOTE: During the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for dogs to purchase or adopt has increased. We are getting too many emails asking about finding a whippet for sale, we cannot answer every one. We will always recommend you visit the National Whippet Club of Canada’s breeder contacts to find a breeder. However, please be advised that breeders are being contacted by many people and may also have difficulty keeping up with calls and emails. Whippets are not one of the most common breeds available and, thankfully, very few whippets make it into rescue–unfortunately for people looking for a whippet, this can mean waiting awhile. We wish you the best of luck in your search.

The Whippet Club of BC hosts many types of events annually, including:

  • CKC lure coursing for all sighthounds
  • CKC agility
  • CKC rally obedience
  • CKC obedience
  • CARA straight racing for all sighthounds
  • CKC Whippet Specialty Show

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